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The projects I have implemented on various topics.


This is the starting step of my web journey, so I still love it. Have developed many websites and various scripts using PHP.


AWS are the web services that make up cloud computing platform. Used EC2, S3 and many other services.


Mahout is a powerful data mining package. Used for clustering large data set and built recommendation system.

Hadoop & Spark

I have worked with these powerful distributed frameworks & handled large data processing. Worked on Kafka for real time data pipelines.


Itis one of the most powerful languages that handles backend and frontend both. Have worked mainly on NodeJS and AngularJS.

MEAN Stack

Have been working with various complex projects with MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS along with SocketIO & RabbitMQ.


WordPress is one of the most handy CMS which I like to play with. Have worked on many websites using it.


Soham Badheka

Namaste !


I am a full stack developer. Have mostly worked with Mean Stack and Python/Java for analytics purpose . AngularJS is my love for front end. Also, working on a Tutorial Blog for AngularJS which gives a detailed guide to all the fundamentals about AngularJS. We were the runners up in the Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge(SVIC) with one of my projects which helped nursing students at SJSU(2016). I am a Big Data admirer, working on Hadoop Projects and various packages like Mahout for Data Mining ! Feel free to contribute to my GitHub profile.


Moreover, I am a proud owner, lyricist, singer of my band Sept’15 . I generally upload my music work on my SoundCloud Channel & Youtube Channel. I am a huge fan of Indian Classical music and I have learnt Indian music but not limited to it. Basically, every genre excites me if it is inspiring!


I carry thousands of dreams, curiosities each day I wake up. I admire many things in my life that inspires me such as singing, acting, writing, coding and traveling .





Name : Soham Badheka
Position : Owner, Singer, Lyricist at Sept'15
Work : Co-Founder at WeBhavnagar

  • Address: San Jose, California
  • Phone: Well, you can mail me for now !
  • Email: